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Vancouver Health Show 


"Bring Your Questions, Leave with Answers"

Chance to WIN A PRIZE & $50 in Show Bucks at EVERY Stage presentation - winners will be drawn at end of talk for those in audience!!

10:00 AM // Show opens! Welcome! First 100 people through the door receive awesome swag gift bags!

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM //

Building a Strong Immune System

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Discover how food and nutrients can create a strong, balanced immune system.


• Viral infections

• Building immunity

• Allergies

• Inflammation

• Arthritis & pain

• Autoimmune disease

• Nutrition & supplements for a strong immune system

Lorna Vanderhaeghe_Moducare.png

Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe has been a leader for the nutrition industry for almost 40 years. Voted one of Canada’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs several years in a row she holds degrees in nutrition and biochemistry.  Lorna is the author of thirteen books, including, A Smart Woman’s Guide to Hormones, Healthy Immunity and The Immune System Cure. She is also an internationally known lecturer who has been educating people on how to combine the best of mainstream medicine with scientifically backed nutrients and diet changes to achieve optimal wellness.

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM //

Crystals: Meanings and How to Use

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Join Katherine as she explains crystal healing techniques, and how gem oils, elixirs and crystals can be used daily to release physical pain, ease emotional trauma, and create calm and grounded lives. Katherine will teach you how both simple and complex options can be used to add vitality to one's life!

Katherine Keeping_Gratitude Gem Oils.jpg

Katherine Keeping is a Certified Master of Crystology in Melody Crystal Healing and a Certified instructor of Crystal Healing Techniques by V. Schapera & B. Kennedy. Katherine works with crystals in all aspects of healing and teaches students to as well.

12:45 PM - 1:30 PM //

Shrooms Every Day!  Unlocking Ancient Wisdom to Solve Modern Problems.

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Whether it be dealing with stress, optimizing the immune system, fighting depression, addiction or even environmental issues, mushrooms have a role to play. That is why at PURICA, we have unlocked their potential and take Shrooms Everyday!

PURICA Founder, CEO and Chief
Formulator Jason Watkin gives you insight into how by using new technology, we can harness the full power of Ancient Medicinal Mushrooms to break free of the modern stressed-out world.

• How stress is the true culprit behind aging 
• How stress initiates the most serious of ailments and disease 
• How stress affects your gut and bone health 
• How stress is at the root of inflammation 
• How to mitigate stress, inflammation, and aging by incorporating positive lifestyle solutions 
• How to boost your energy and stamina

Jason Watkin_Purica.png

Jason Watkin is a passionate speaker trained in pathophysiology, pharmacology, and nutrition. What makes for a gripping presentation style is that he has also completed formal studies and meditative yogic practices in the Indo-Tibetan Tradition. His intent is to share modern and ancient wisdom to get at the root of what makes us unwell, and how to recover well-being.

1:45 PM - 2:15 PM //

The Body Breakthrough Secret: 3 Proven Steps to Outsmart Self-Sabotage and Bad Habits!

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When we're trying to improve our health and wellness, no matter what plan we decide to use, self-sabotage behaviours often block our path to long-term results.  In this session, we'll dive into what causes these unhelpful habits and the tools and strategies you can use to easily transform them so you can optimize your health, energy and body... for life.

Christen Kwan_CoreTen.jpg

Christen Kwan, founder of Healthy Habits Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching has certifications as a Life Coach, Nutrition Coach and Consistency Coach.  She uses her Body Breakthrough Method to help women break free from self-sabotage and yo-yo dieting.  This unique approach creates the positive habits and mindset for greater health, more energy and permanent weight loss.

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM //

6 Simple Steps for Bringing Balance to Overcome Stress in a busy family

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Deb coaches with passion, guiding her clients to strengthen their well-being and the family unit.She believes there is no need for families to go through the same pain and agony as she did. Deb will take you on a holistic journey to a healthy lifestyle to create balance and resilience.  Deb teaches with an understanding that we are all unique, and there isn't a one-size-fits-all. It is possible for everyone to make positive changes in your well-being and your children's behavior to enjoy the life you all deserve. 

Deb Kartz_Healing Mom Journey.jpg

Deb Kartz has over a decade of experience working with children with Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, Non-compliant Disorders, ODD, Trauma, learning disabilities, and busy moms experiencing stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.   Deb is a single mom of three seeking help for herself and her daughter, who suffers from multiple mental health issues. After being denied help for her daughter, she went on a journey to educate herself. Deb successfully graduated in Psychology of Counseling, Certified Parent Educator and Coach. She still felt trapped in the unhealthy mental chaos of her life. She realized the missing link and became a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach and later a Functional Diagnostic Practitioner.

3:15 PM - 3:45 PM //

Unlock Your Body: Releasing Tension with Somatic Movement

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Why does stretching only provide temporary relief? How can you really get to the root cause of muscle tension? Somatic movement may be the tune-up your body has been craving.  Join Tania to learn how pain-free movement is possible. Your body will thank you!

Tania Clarke_Move Deeply.jpg

Tania Clarke spent most of her 20's and 30's in chronic pain due to a shoulder injury. Despite her injuries and pain,  she loved movement so much that she trained to teach yoga, fitness and Pilates. During a time of signaficant recurring pain, somatic yoga healed her body almost completely, and led her to training in Clinical Somatic Movement, which is now her focus as a movement educator.

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM //

Falun Dafa Exercise

Falun Dafa.png

Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong, is an ancient form of mind/body practice that originated in China, and is now practiced in over 100 countries around the world. It improves mental and physical health through four sets of gentle standing exercises and one sitting meditation and by following teachings based on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion & Tolerance.
It is easy to learn, enjoyable to practice, and free of charge. Please visit  our website for more details.


The Epoch Times is the fastest-growing independent news media in North America. They are nonpartisan and dedicated to truthful reporting.

The Epoch Times is proud to sponsor Falun Dafa at The Vancouver Health Show.

5:00 PM // Show closed! See you tomorrow!


Chance to WIN A PRIZE & $50 in Show Bucks at EVERY Stage presentation - winners will be drawn at end of talk for those in audience!!

10:00 AM // Show opens! Welcome! First 100 people through the door receive awesome swag gift bags!

10:20 AM - 10:50 AM //

InHabit your Body for a Healthy Life

Ocean Breath Yoga.png

Join Beverly to learn and experience how an aware posture can be your doorway to a healthier body, mind and life. Tadasana (standing) is the foundation of all Yoga poses. There is a reason. Posture is a doorway to health, a calm mind and a strong body.

Beverly Akhurst.jpg

Beverly Akhurst is the founder of Ocean Breath Yoga & Wellness. She is a Dharma Yogi and is determined to inspire people (especially women) to learn the language of their own bodies, minds & hearts. She believes health comes from reconnecting to our innerverse and only then can we fully experience the outerverse.


Nature, Posture, Breath, & Movement = Life

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM //

Winning at Weight Loss

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In this seminar we will be discussing tips and strategies that you can apply NOW to get your mindset, hormones, nutrition, movement and supplementation aligned to start achieving your health and wellness goals. 

There is no magic pill or “one thing” that leads to sustainable weight management but if we have the tools, knowledge and determination we can be empowered to create a new story and achieve success. 

Join Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of Aeryon Wellness Aeryon Ashlie as she discusses the 5 Pillars of achieving sustainable weight management.

Aeryon Ashlie_Aeryon Wellness.png

Aeryon Ashlie is the founder of Aeryon Wellness Support Supplements. She is a holistic nutritionist, CBT practitioner, keynote speaker, #1 bestselling author and former on-air radio personality. 
Aeryon’s mission to “Empower Women with Holistic Health” is borne from a personal journey.  She experienced a health crisis 10 years ago, after struggling with eating disorders for over two decades.  This led to the creation of Aeryon Wellness.

December 2021, Aeryon Wellness was featured on CBC’s Dragons Den where she walked away with 3 offers. It was her innovative use of QR codes on each label and passion for her calling that landed her the opportunity on the show.

Recently, Aeryon Wellness won Innovative Product of the year with the launch of Up and Away Boric Acid Vaginal Suppository. In addition, Aeryon Wellness was recognized as Agent of Change for the contribution from each bottle to The Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter. 

Aeryon resides in Vancouver, BC, with her two pups and her beloved, teen daughter. 

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM //

The Trail of Disruption: Owning your Stress, Anxiety and Mental Fatigue

Untitled design (11).png

Let’s talk about your stress, anxiety and mental fatigue.  If you are anything like the many patients Dr. Taylor Bean, ND sees in her clinic daily; the struggle is real.  For many of us, our lives have been severely disrupted and impacted by events that are both in and outside of our control. That said, life must go on.  There are friends, families, and corporations all depending on us for their survival.  So how do we break through while living with the current post-pandemic uncertainty? Simply put, “IT’S TIME TO OWN YOUR STRESS.”  Lean into the light and join our chat to explore the helpful ways to empower you to “Own Your Stress” and thrive.

Dr. Taylor Bean.JPG

Dr. Taylor Bean is a Naturopathic Doctor and owner of TaylorMade Wellness in Salmon Arm, BC.  She has experience working largely with families, young ones and mamas-to-be.  She brings her wisdom as a mother of two to help women achieve a healthy pregnancy and smooth labour.  She has worked overseas In Singapore for two years which improved her skills in chronic illness as she saw various patients in SE Asia, India and Australia who were unable to find the care they needed. From her experience working overseas, to now 6 years working in Canada, she has been able to blend Eastern and Western approaches from a clinical and cultural perspective.

She is also a consultant for one of the most innovative stool companies in the United States. She has utilized her training to further support her patients digestive health.

12:45 PM - 1:30 PM //

Choosing the Right Supplements to Support Immunity & General Health

Untitled design (9).png

These unprecedented times have made us all hyperaware of the importance of nutrition and supplementation. During this presentation, Nelson will explore the impact diet, lifestyle and supplements have on shaping our immunity. 

Nelson Narciso_North Coast Naturals.jpg

Nelson Narciso is a holistic nutritionist, Reiki practitioner, herbalist, and Auricular Medicine practitioner. A respected product formulator, writer and educator on diet and natural health produces he has been a regular guest on numerous TV and radio shows throughout North America.

1:45 PM - 2:15 PM //

Negative Self Talk & How to Pivot to Positive Self Beliefs!

Untitled design (7).png

Join Elizabeth and learn The Power of Reframing and why language is important when talking to ourselves.  Elizabeth will explain the importance of reframing the way you talk to yourself, and how to reclaim control of your inner world!

Elizabeth Medina_Skylark Clinic.jpg

Elizabeth Medina is a multicultural counsellor who has worked with children, youth, and adults, at different settings, including a children’s hospital, a non-profit organization, private practice, and schools. Being born and raised outside of Canada, has allowed her to draw from her own experience and connect with international clients. She also offers counselling in Spanish, which provides Spanish-speaking clients with a familiar space, and cultural sensitiveness. Both in-person and virtual counselling sessions are available.

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM //

Sober & Spectacular

Untitled design (8).png

A discussion about the sober movement, how far we have come, and what we can do to continue to foster acceptance for those who choose not to indulge. Suzette will discuss how her own journey and struggle with alcohol abuse, the various levels of abuse and how to own your story, where you are sober living, sober curious, looking to cut down or just interested in learning more. This will be a fun and interaction presentation with a sample of DRNK Bev Mojito and Moscow Mule.

Suzette Ramcharan_DRNK BEV Corp.jpg

Suzette Ramcharan is a motivated entrepreneur who left behind a successful career in captial markets to develop a great tasting and healthier option for ready-to-drink mocktails, driven by her own struggle with sobriety, and the lack of quality products on the market

3:15 PM - 3:45 PM //

Eat and Exercise for your DNA:  A roadmap to health based on your genetics

Untitled design (5).png

Imagine having a road map to your personal health. DNA lifestyle testing now allows an accessible and affordable way to gain valuable health insights into your unique body. Do you struggle with weight gain, food sensitivities, chronic disease, hormone imbalance or other issues that are difficult to solve? Your DNA may hold the key. DNA testing can provide you with insight that allows you to see where your genes may need more support. Learn about the new field of personal DNA testing and how genetic information can help you take preventative action to support your health. 

Dr. Lois Nahirney_dnaPower.jpg

Dr. Lois Nahirney is the President and CEO of dnaPower Inc. Her businesses leverage state of the art DNA testing to help people make better diet, fitness and health decisions. Dr. Nahirney has over 25 years global experience as a senior executive and has been recognized with many awards including BC Business Women of Influence, the YWCA Women of Distinction and Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100.  She has a Doctorate of Business Administration with a focus on healthcare. She is Chair of the Canadian Women’s International Business Network.

5:00 PM // Show closed! See you next year!

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