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Victoria Health Show


Exhibitor List

"Bring Your Questions, Leave with Answers"

10:00 AM // The 2024 Health Show doors open for Day 1

Be early to receive awesome Swag Bags! 🤩

There will also be opportunities to WIN✨ prizes at every presentation. 

After each presentation the audience in attendance will be given a ticket and we will have two draws immediately following the presentation - Good luck!
Two Prizes:
$50 in Health Bucks to spend at the booth/s of your choice

1x Health Products, Services, Treatments or Gift Certificate

 10:30 AM -  11:00 AM //

Zumba Fitness with Lizy Gipson

DanceFit with Lizy.jpg

The Instructor Team at Dance Fitness with Lizy share her passion to move people with joy, laughter, and fun. We create a community environment in our classes to warmly welcome students when they enter the studio, wherever they are on their fitness journey or experience in a dance fitness class.  There are ZERO mistakes in our class and ZERO judgement, including of yourself.  The mirror is a reflection of the incredible person you are, not any perceived imperfections you have of yourself.

Click here to visit Dance Fitness with Lizy

Lizy Gipson_Come Zumba With Me (1).png

Lizy Gipson Bio: Owner and lead instructor Lizy took her first class in August 2011 and fell in LOVE with Zumba®! 3 months later, she became an instructor in November to inspire and motivate others to get moving and bring joy to their lives through dance and fitness. Through Zumba® Lizy has lost over 80 lbs, resolved her Type 2 diabetes and lowered her blood pressure where it no longer had to be treated. 

By day she is an IT Admin, mom, grandmother, and cat mom of 5. She also owns a crystal company and believes that we change the world one person at a time ♥

 11:10 PM -  11:40 PM //

Heal Your Gut with Cheryl Grant

Untitled design (51).png

This informative session focuses on easy-to-understand reasons why digestive issues are occurring and how to incorporate food, supplements and make lifestyle changes to relieve and heal digestive issues. Come prepared to leave feeling empowered and energized. 

Cheryl Grant_Vitality (1).jpg

Recognized as a Woman of Influence in the natural health industry, Cheryl Grant is the President of VITALITY vitamins and supplements, an award-winning line of products made in BC, Canada. Cheryl has spoken across Canada on key health conditions and ways to incorporate food, supplements, and lifestyle changes to support good health. With audiences of up to 180 people, Cheryl brings humour, knowledge, and an easy-to-incorporate action plan to support your health. 

 KEYNOTE SPEAKER    12:45 PM -  1:30 PM

USING Functional Foods & Supplements TO Boost Your Wellness & Performance

Northcoast square.png

It's no secret that many of us aren't getting the nutrients we need, thanks to less-than-ideal diets, changes in our food sources, destructive food processing methods and the impact of some medications. The good news is, with the right know-how, functional foods and key supplements can make a big difference in balancing our nutrition and propelling us towards better health. In this seminar, we'll explore:

  • Pinpointing common nutrient gaps and how to fill them effectively.

  • Understanding why our diets often fall short in meeting our nutritional needs.

  • The potential consequences of ignoring these nutrient shortfalls.

  • Discovering the power of foods and supplements and how they can help us get back on track.

Nelson Narciso_North Coast Naturals.jpg

Nelson Narciso, DNM® is a holistic nutritionist, Reiki practitioner, herbalist, Auricular Medicine practitioner and member of the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ and the Canadian Society for Orthomolecular Medicine. Nelson is a respected product formulator, writer, and educator on diet and natural health products and has been a regular guest on numerous tv and radio shows throughout North America.

 1:45 PM -  1:55 PM //

Meet & Greet + Book Signing with Diana Gifford-Jones

Hedley square.png

Book Signing in Hedley Nutritionals booth with Diana Gifford-Jones

Diana MacKay_Hedley Nutritionals.jpg

Diana Gifford-Jones  is author of a weekly “No Nonsense Health” column jointly penned with her father, W. Gifford-Jones, MD. Together, they write about the health issues of the day, strongly advocating for natural approaches to good health promotion and disease prevention. Diana works in global health, health policy, nutrition, and population health.  She is a graduate of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and Wellesley College, and has the designation as a certified Chartered Director.  She will be signing copies of her recent book on the natural health philosophy of W. Gifford-Jones, called No Nonsense Health- Naturally! Her current research work involves exploring the connections between human, animal, plant and planetary health. To learn more, visit

 1:55 PM -  2:25 PM //

 Bone Health: Plan for a Lifetime

Hedley square.png

Learn why having healthy bones is so important, why our bones may fail us as we age and what you can do to keep them strong through all stages of life.

Darren Wright_Hedley Nutritionals.jpg

Darren Wright has worked in the natural health product category for over 30 years. A founder of the Certified NaturalsR brand, he is focused on providing the best research-based supplements to Canadians.

 2:40 PM -  3:10 PM //

"FROM DEPRESSION TO JOY: Overcoming Challenges to Create a Life of Love, Connection, and Peace."

Welcome Your Dream_Hounaida Bellasfar.png

Uncertainty, sudden unemployment, the lack of information, the loss of control, and the loss of love create chronic emotional stress that affects our health. Those who experienced high levels of internal stress since early childhood may feel disconnected, anxious, and unsafe. Choosing to find the gold in the dark is valuable to our healing. The insight into ourselves will bring forth the transformation, the inner peace, and the lightness that occur within. And when it happens, our life transforms easily, bringing forth prosperity and satisfaction

Hounaida Bellasfar_Welcome Your Dream.jpg

Hounaida Bellasfar, Author of “I Am the Energy of Trust, Acceptance, and Power: An Inspiring Invitation to Transformation, Joy, and Love”. She is a Grief Recovery Specialist, helping her clients move through and beyond the loss of their relationships with their loved ones, health, work, and themselves.
What she stands for is: Connecting People to their Essence. Inspiring them to create their Dreams and find Freedom in any given context.
When she’s not fulfilling her passion, she is taking care of her family, and her animals and traveling the world with her partner. 

 3:25 PM -  4:00 PM //

Almost 100% of Older Canadians Surveyed Plan to Live Independently in Their Own Homes,
But Is This Even Possible?


In his talk on the aging in place program, Physician-entrepreneur Dr. Sundren Govender underscores the crucial role of enabling seniors to live independently in their homes for an extended period. He delves into various supportive services and cutting-edge technologies designed to assist the elderly in their daily routines. A portion of the discussion is dedicated to strategies for modifying homes to make them more accommodating for seniors, focusing on enhancing mobility safety and overall comfort. Additionally, he highlights the numerous advantages of aging in place, such as improved quality of life for the elderly and the potential for reducing healthcare expenditures. Finally, he touches upon the importance of community involvement and the supportive role families play in aiding aging relatives, emphasizing the collective effort required to make aging in place a viable and beneficial option.

Dr. Sundren Govender_Monarch Home Health.jpeg

Dr. Sundren Govender: A compassionate physician-entrepreneur, Dr. Govender’s 26-year journey in medicine was profoundly shaped by the loss of his mother during the Covid pandemic. This personal experience ignited a deep-seated commitment to improving senior care, leading him to explore and integrate innovative strategies to help seniors maintain their autonomy for longer. In memory of his beloved mum, Dr Govender subsequently founded a Homecare company called Monarch Health, with peace, dignity, and respect being the pillars of his organization. His goal is to reduce the reliance on ER's, hospitals and long term care facilities by bringing a multi-professional team to support seniors and their family caregivers in the comfort of their home by offering a proactive and preventative approach to their health and wellness.


Dr. Govender earned his MBChB from the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine in 1997 and a CFPC Certification in Family Medicine in 2002. His extensive experience includes practicing Family and Emergency Medicine across diverse settings in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Currently, he is a partner at Jubilee Physicians and serves as a Transport Canada Medical Examiner in Victoria, British Columbia. Beyond his clinical roles, Dr. Govender is a Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Family Medicine and an examiner for both the Medical Council of Canada and the College of Family Physicians of Canada. His passion for health innovation is not just a professional pursuit but a personal mission, driven by his dedication to enhance the quality of life for seniors through technology-driven solutions and accessible, efficient healthcare.

5:00 PM // The 2024 Health Show doors close for the day, see you on Sunday morning!


10:00 AM // The 2024 Health Show doors open for Day 2

Be early to receive awesome Swag Bags! 🤩

There will also be opportunities to WIN✨ prizes at every presentation. 

After each presentation the audience in attendance will be given a ticket and we will have two draws immediately following the presentation - Good luck!
Two Prizes:
$50 in Health Bucks to spend at the booth/s of your choice

1x Health Products, Services, Treatments or Gift Certificate

 10:30 AM -  11:00 AM //

Access Your CALM Anywhere Anytime or Nourish Your Nervous System ~ Find Your Calm
with Terry-Lynn Hemmerling

Untitled design (49).png

Join us today to gain a few POWERFUL tools to navigate stress, overwhelm, anxious thoughts, troubling relationships, and fear of the news (to name just a few stressors we face today), in real-time. Learn how to use the most precious tool you have access to 24/7 to regulate your nervous system: your body. Leave the presentation knowing that you can locate your peace no matter what is happening around you. Be encouraged that CALM is present and available to ALL humans. Leave with a booklet filled with resources to support your calm mind and peaceful body TODAY. Come and Nourish your Nervous System with me. 
Click here to visit Terry-Lynn Hemmerling Yoga

Terry-Lynn Hemmerling_Yoga.jpg

Hey, Hi, Hello! I am Terry-Lynn and I help people access their calm, sleep better, and handle anxious thoughts and life situations through powerful practices that are easily accessible to ALL HUMANS. I offer group yoga/meditation classes and I also work one-to-one to support folks who are feeling stuck with issues that are not addressed in a group class. Creating intentional and actionable steps to help people move forward in an easeful way to live the beautiful life they were meant to live is my JAM.

 11:11 AM -  11:44 AM //

Numerology:  The Power of Numbers and YOU!

Jessica Cerato Numerology.png

Do you notice numbers everywhere you look - clocks, license plates, receipts?  Curious about what they mean and what messages they are sending your way?  Do you want to understand yourself and others more deeply? 
Join Jessica Cerato, Certified Numerologist and Energy Strategist, for an interactive presentation which will have you looking at numbers, and yourself, in a whole new light! Discover the science, math, and magic of Numerology and how it can unlock your life's potential and purpose. 

Jessica Cerato.jpg

Former corporate executive turned intuitive healer, Jessica Cerato has been immersed in numbers for decades. As a Certified Master Numerologist and Energy Strategist, she translates the energy of dates, numbers, and patterns into everyday language to help you feel more confidence and joy. Jessica offers personal readings, numerology courses, and energy strategy to clients around the world. When she’s not playing with numbers, you can find her with her family in the forest, by the ocean, or dancing in her kitchen in North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.  
You can learn more about your unique gift to the world with her free resource at  

 12:00 PM -  12:30 PM //

Sweet Dreams: The Search for Restorative Sleep

Untitled design (13).png

Sleep quality has a profound effect on our emotional and physical wellbeing. Find out how stress can affect your sleep cycle and impact your ability to be productive and healthy. Learn which natural health products are best to address trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

Andrea Bartels_Pure Lab Vitamins.jpg

Andrea Bartels CNP NNCP is an Ottawa-based Registered Nutritional Therapist and Lead Educator with Pure Lab Vitamins. She is known for her expertise in nutritional supplementation with more than twenty years of clinical counselling, retail and teaching experience.  Andrea enjoys counseling individuals and groups, inspiring others to live in a more healthful, satisfying and sustainable way. 

 12:45 PM -  1:30 PM //

Shrooms Everyday! 25 years of Optimizing Health and Performance with PURICA

Untitled design.png

Discover how Medicinal Mushrooms and Nutraceuticals can improve everyday health and wellness or power athletic pursuits. An accomplished high-performance athlete and avid outdoor enthusiast, PURICA educator Adam O’Meara shares the key supplement protocols that he used to improve recovery, immunity and athletic performance.

Whether your goal is to simply give yourself a little health boost or if you are looking to take your game to the next level, we look forward to sharing our passion for health and wellness in this talk.  Be sure to bring you questions on any topics pertaining to PURICA supplements, other natural health practices and physical performance that can be addressed in a fun Q & A session.

Adam O'Meara_Purica.jpg

Adam O’Meara is an outdoor enthusiast and accomplished high-performance athlete in the world of Iron Man. PURICA Nutraceuticals and Medicinal Mushrooms were key parts of his training and recovery well before joining the PURICA team over a decade ago.

A captivating educator with a genuine passion for enhancing everyday health and athletic performance naturally, Adam is driven to share his knowledge with others.

Adam loves how his role at PURICA provides him the opportunity to help positively affect the lives of others and be part of a global shift towards healthier living.

 1:45 PM -  2:15 PM //

Gluten Free AND Tasty

BGF_Tanja Blondin.JPG

Listen and learn about the evolution of tastier celiac foods. Gluten Intolerant? Join this informative talk and explore why gluten affects our bodies, how and alternatives.


Born and raised in Germany my dream even as a little girl was to create the beautiful
pastries and cakes I saw in the windows of the German pastry shops.
My Omi (grandma) was an incredible baker and she inspired me further by teaching me her
trade. To this day I can hear her comments looking over my shoulder while I am creating in
the kitchen.
I have spent many years in the hospitality industry which has always felt like my second
home. As long as I can remember I have always struggled with allergies starting with
hayfever when I was little. My first introduction to Gluten sensitivity/intolerance was when my
first child was born. He was a preemie and therefore came with a whole bunch of issues
right from the start. Not long after, he was diagnosed celiac and that was extremely difficult
27 years ago. And so the journey began into the gluten free world, which was absolutely
atrocious when it came to taste.
Many years of working in kitchens and hotel pastry shops made it all the more obvious that I
also had to distance myself from gluten. When my diagnosis came, I was forced to quit my
job in order not to even be touching or breathing in the gluten. So….now what?
At that time my sister had developed a gluten intolerance and she asked me if I could make
bread that didn’t taste like cardboard. So I set out to make bread and when she tasted it, she
was so thrilled she told me that I had to share this gift with the world. Since then I have set
out to teach people that gluten free does not equal horrible taste. I have branched out with
my recipes to include many allergies and special diets. It has been a very satisfying and
rewarding journey to combine my passion with helping people live a tastier life

 2:30 PM -  3:00 PM //

aDAPT:  Age Related Changes

GinaMartin_Divrese Abilities (1).jpg

Are you moving slower than you used to? Got a few more aches and pains? Maybe your eyesight is blurry or you don’t hear as well as you used to. Oh, forgetful me! When we age, our body and our brain age as well. 


When our abilities change we need to find new ways to navigate life. Gina’s presentation consists of helpful ways the general public can communicate with, interact with and assist people whose abilities differ. Learn about accessibility, language and what tools and devices are available to make life easier. “Having a disability does not change who you are, it changes how you interact in the world.” 

Gina Martin_Diverse Abilities (1).jpg

For Gina Martin, the onset of progressive blindness 30+ years ago spurred me to educate myself on how I could live a full life without full vision. Meaningfully sharing this knowledge with others in a manner that promotes kindness, equality, dignity, and our humanity is my mission.

 3:15 PM -  3:45 PM //

The Layers of Healing – A Holistic and Somatic Approach

Untitled design (52).png

Based on her years of experience and personal journey, Taylia from Tough & Tender Studio is going to talk about the layers of healing and that show up while healing. Whether its emotional/physical or spiritually each journey is different and requires different things. The key is, there is more than one way to do anything. Taylia wants to share advice on how to create your perfect healing team and how to advocate for where you are at each moment of the journey. Then she is going to give examples and a demonstration on some holistic and somatic movements and techniques you can do at home for yourself to move through and aid the layers. It doesn’t have to be hard to heal and SOMETHING is always better than nothing.

Untitled design (53).png

Tough & Tender Studio is where Taylia, a dedicated holistic and somatic healer, has curated a transformative wellness haven for over seven years. Through a unique blend of massage, bodywork, fitness, dance, and wellness products, Taylia guides and supports individuals on their health and wellness journeys. At Tough & Tender, Taylia embraces clients ready to delve into self-discovery, clearing the path to a healthier and more fulfilled life. Join her and he collection of unique approaches to help you shed what no longer serves you and move forward with strength and tenderness.

 4:00 PM -  4:30 PM //

Falun Dafe Exercise Demo


The culture of ancient China was divinely inspired.
Shen Yun’s works reflect this rich spiritual heritage...
Shen Yun invites you to travel back to the magical world of ancient China. Experience a lost culture through the incredible art of classical Chinese dance, and see legends come to life. Shen Yun makes this possible by pushing the boundaries of the performing arts, with a unique blend of stunning costuming, high-tech backdrops, and an orchestra like no other. Be prepared for a theatrical experience that will take your breath away!



5:00 PM // The 2024 Health Show doors close. See you in 2025!

“The groundwork for all happiness is health.”
― James Leigh Hunt

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