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Top 8 Reasons to Attend Vancouver Health Show

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

We get it - the world is moving faster than ever before; there are so many functions to attend, so many courses to take and a list of things to get done in your weekend.

Attending an event has to be worthwhile to justify you choosing it, over many other things that you could be doing. Here are the top eight reasons we think it's absolutely worth your time to come to The 29th Vancouver Health Show.

  1. Two Full Days of Unlimited Shopping at 120+ Exhibitor Booths. The #VanHS19 is a two-day event for the health conscious individual. From nutritional supplements to alternative therapies to fitness trends to food products, #VanHS19 features a diverse array of healthy options for you to explore. Explore our Exhibitors

  2. Vision Board Workshop You get to create a Vision Board that purposefully aligns with the direction of your life. Hanging your new Vision Board in your home or office environment will help to support your goals and dreams. Learn about the basics of Feng Shui and how placing items on your board in specific areas, with intention can increase the power of the Vision Board. A Vision Board is the tool for creating results, and adding Feng Shui makes it Super Powered. Included: • Instruction from Laurel T. Colins, Beautiful Living Coach • Paper • Magazines (to cut up) • Art Supplies (that are needed to make a Vision Board) Max 16 people per session Register on-site at #VanHS19 Vision Board Workshop included with your admission.

  3. 15+ Educational Seminars Two days, two theatres and one incredible weekend full of education. We provide the platform for shoppers to educate themselves and discover what “health” means to them. We believe that having access to these seminars helps supplement a shopper's experience. Bring your questions, leave with answers. All seminars are included with your admission. Explore our Schedule

  4. Samples! Need we say more? Try it before you buy it. Many of our Exhibitors will have samples of their products available for you.

  5. Health Themed Photo Fun The Four Frames Photo Booth team is coming to Vancouver and this means, there will be a lot of photo fun at #VanHS19 We may even have a few secret photo opportunities, but you'll have to stop by to check those out! Tip: We hold a Photo Contest on our Social Media Channels during The Vancouver Health Show, so make sure to post photos, tag @thehealthshows and use #VanHS19 to be entered to win!

  6. Mindful Moments at our Bodhi Meditation Station You will have the opportunity to experience a guided meditation with Bodhi Meditation, inside The Vancouver Health Show. Mind-body awareness is an essential component of the Bodhi Meditation approach. According to meditative tradition, the mind has the ability to broaden and to heal, correcting physical and mental illness. Guided Bodhi Meditation included with your admission.

  7. Creative Writing Workshop Do you often say I'd love to journal but have no time? Your Workshop Facilitator, Nicolle will share the many, powerful benefits of journaling and fun, easy tools you can apply to your own daily self-care routine. This is a safe place to begin journaling. Included: • Instruction from Nicolle Nattrass • Paper • Writing tools Max 16 people per session Register on-site at #VanHS19 Creative Writing Workshop included with your admission.

  8. 100 Special Goodie Bags - each day! The first 100 people through the door on Saturday AND on Sunday receive free extra awesome goodie bags! Get ready - be early!

Ultimately, this event is about you, the choices you want to make surrounding health and how The Vancouver Health Show can support you on that journey. Grab your ticket and save the date.


Want to know more about The 29th Vancouver Health Show? Click Here for information regarding dates, hours, admission and location. Connect with us; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Join our Vancouver Health Show Facebook Event to stay up-to-date on giveaways!

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